Monday, May 17, 2010

Reflections on SST journey so far - Jia Le

First week of school...

When I first stepped into this school, I knew that there will be a lot of opportunities to express myself. I did not find it difficult to work with new people as I think I get along well with strangers. I don’t really have any worries as I introduced myself to the new group. To me, participating in a group project is the most important factor to success as without participation, less ideas will be generated. Therefore, a 6-member group is as good as a 5-member group. That’s why, team chemistry was the most important thing I learnt in the first week.

During the “Amazing race” around Clementi, I observed that the residents were very curious about us and the environment was not very clean. I also realised that SST would be able to help out in homes serving others, and not asking anything in return. By doing this, we would be able to give out school a good reputation of being a helpful school and increase popularity.

Subsequent weeks for the rest of the term…

At first, when we came together as a class in the first week, we did not bond really well. However, as time passes, we got to know each other better and found that our class had lots of potential not only academically, but also aesthetically. We found out that it was fun learning using the concept of applied teaching. That really engaged us, at least for me, in classes. I participated in projects such as ExCELFest. It was a great experience interacting with parents, or I should say total strangers. I would like to thank the teachers and school for giving me this opportunity. Also, grading us in projects rather than the standard pen and paper examinations was interesting as we could express our talents better. I did not achieve as high as I expected, but overall satisfied with it.

Start of term 2...

After the brief one week break, I was all ready for Term 2. As usual, stress level fluctuates at different times but I managed to handle my time better. This time, common test were set to let us experience the style of O-level examinations we were preparing for. I am quite happy with my results for certain subjects and also unsatisfied with others, such as science. I used to think that Science was my strongest subject. Maybe I was complacent, or did not really understand the concept behind some topics. Nevertheless, I will strive to do better for the upcoming Chemistry test. We also went through an animation workshop. I learned the basics of animation and how the process works out. In the end, we managed to produce our own animations using the stories we came up with. It was pretty fun as I have not tried animating before.

~Jia Le :)

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