Monday, May 17, 2010

Reflections of SST Journey - Stacey

  At first when I came into this school, I thought that everything would not be alright as none of my close friends came into this school with me. I was forced to attend this school by my father and I entered the school without knowing anything about this school except for that it uses a computer to teach us and they use applied learning for us to learn better. But entering into a school without anyone I know was a fresh start for me. I knew I had to speak up so that I would have friends. I finally break though my shyness barrier and talked to others.
  The first few weeks taught us about team building and it emphasizes that leadership is important. Everyone in SST should be given a chance to lead. I learnt about the school’s 3Es ( Empowerment, Excellence, Expansion) and the vision (a globally connected institution of science and technology) of SST.
  During the orientation camp, our class did not really bonded that much. It was like a bunch of strangers grouped together by the name of S1-09 but there was not much bond between us.Team work was very important in the camp as points are awarded if the team co-operated. Everyone had a role to play in the team. We should all work together to accomplish work faster and know our own weakness and strength to help out in the group. Don't do anything rash as it may affect the group.
  Through the next weeks and months, when class has finally started, we all got to know each others names and bonded quite well over time. Learning became fun and enjoyable, though it took some adapting to change my style of learning.
  I had always found that English was my strongest subject but I was terribly wrong. The marking scheme became stricter so did all the other subjects. I found out that I was not very good in my sciences, which I hope I will finally understand realize my mistakes and correct them. Finally the examinations came and so did the results. I was not very happy about my results and I vowed to improve in my studies in the next examination.
  It was overall a very enjoyable experience and I hope that it would continue to be as positive as it has so far.

Stacey Yip, S1-09

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