Sunday, May 16, 2010

On the first day of school i was very excited to see how school would operate and who were my new classmates. In class i got to know more about my classmates, our teacher had a good "Ice-breaker game" that made us interact with (actually i am not really worried) one another so i got to know my classmates better :)
When we were told we were going to build a bridge i was starting to like school because i like hands on work. We had to build a bridge in a group, I was the main designer. It is great working as a team because we have more hands to do the project and I think our group interacts great (easy going group of people).
We had a talk by the principal about the three E's , Excellence, Empowerment ,Expansion . The talk also included about our school vision and 2010 theme ( A globally Connected Institution of Science and Technology / Building bridges beyond boundaries )
I really enjoyed the camp! It was fun and I learnt team work is very important . Just like what camp chief Rio said that we are like chopsticks easily broken but when together it is tougher to break the bundle of chopsticks. .We must learn to help one another so that we as a whole can advance forward
The class only started to bond closely when class started. Class for the term was interesting, we had many group work to do which helped us to understand each other better and how each other work. When exams came i studied hard and tried my best to absorb (info) better in class. My results were not very good but at least satisfying .
I like the term two animation program, as it was the first time i have tried animating. I am very happy that i chose SST as my secondary school and will not regret the choice.


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